How do I redeem rewards points on my subscription?

If you are logged in, you can find a bubble with a gift box in the bottom right corner of any page:

Clicking on this bubble will bring up information about rewards. Scroll until you see the “Ways to redeem” text:

Click this text to be taken to the next step, where you can see your current point total and various "Redeem" buttons if you have sufficient points. Click a coupon option with "subscription" in the title to create a coupon code that is applicable to a subscription order. If you are purchasing a new subscription, this code can be used at checkout with a subscription product in the cart. If you are wanting to apply the discount to your next subscription order, you can follow the steps here to apply a discount to your subscription. Note that this code cannot be combined with other discounts, and cannot be used on a non subscription related order.

If you need any assistance with redeeming your points, you can reach us by email at or by filling out the contact form on the Contact Us page.

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